Control4 C4-HC1000-E-B Home Theater Server 의 사용자 설명서

장치 Control4 C4-HC1000-E-B Home Theater Server 에 대 한 사용자 설명서

Control4 C4-HC1000-E-B Home Theater Server 의 사용자 설명서

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Home Controller HC-1000High-Performance Home ControlControl4’s new high-performance controller, the HC-1000, is optimized to run as adedicated master controller in a Control4 Home-Automation System.This rack-mounted controller features a high-reliability, solid-state hard drive forunsurpassed system stability as well as half of a terabyte of data storage to handleeven the largest media libraries. With five times the processing power of firstgeneration controllers, complex programming tasks and

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Home Controller HC-1000Technical SpecificationsRelated ProductsModel Number• C4-HC1000-E-BStorage• System drive: 1 GB solid state drive• Media drive: 500 GB server class hard driveConnections• RJ45 10/100base-T Ethernet jackCommunications• Ethernet (802.3) 10/100base-THome Controller HC-300 — Powerfulwhole home automation controller withhigh definition on-screen graphics.Power Requirements • 120 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 HertzDimensions• 2RU, 19” rack mountable• 19”w x 3.46”h

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