Dakota Digital MCL-2002 Automobile Parts 의 사용자 설명서

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Dakota Digital MCL-2002 Automobile Parts 의 사용자 설명서

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MODEL MCL-2002TANK MOUNT SPEEDOMETER/TACHOMETER*To avoid damage to motorcycle, please see Speedometer, Tachometer, and Status and Warning Indicators sections for details on locatingVSS, Tachometer, and indicator wires for most motorcycle applications**For 2004+ HD utilizing the “Fat Bob” tank mount, please see our MCL-2004, it is designed as a direct plug-in gauge for these models. TheCheck Engine indicator will not function using this gauge on 2004+ HD models due to the signal being fed thr

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Mounting in a Dash with Cable Drive speedometer and rubber mountsDakota Digital GaugeMCL-2002 (-R)Foam TapeCable Drive Speed SensorWith Mounting HardwareRubber MountsFactory Dash Panel#8 Lock Washer8-32 x ½” Nut••Remove the dashUnbolt and unplug the factory gauge•Install the rubber mounts and foam tape around the new DakotaDigital gauge. The tape should apply to the side of the gauge canand be against the bottom of the bezel; this just fills the opening inthe dash.•Insert new gauge fr

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••Remove the dashUnclip and unplug the factory gauge•Insure that the rubber gasket is still in the dash orremove from factory gauge and place back ondash••Insert new gauge from front of dashUse supplied L-brackets along with the 8-32 screwsand lock washers to secure the gaugeReinstall the dash•Deuce mountingNOTE: The supplied L-bracket mounting pieces are not used for this application and can be discardedSince the Deuce gauge mounts from under the dash mounting requires use of the su

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•Remove the dash•Unclip and unplug the factory gauge•Remove the rubber gasket from the factory gauge bezel.•Install gasket over the bezel of the Dakota Digital gauge.The gasket doesn’t cover the entire bezel; there shouldbe some chrome showing when the gasket is installed.•Use the supplied ABS mounting ring to secure the gauge to the dash.The ring has notches that align the gauge so it cannot be installedupside down. The textured side of the ABS should be facing youduring install.•

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STATUS AND WARNING INDICATORSThe right turn, left turn, and high beam indicators are activated by 12volts at their respective hook-up wires. The right turn signal wire is green,the left turn signal wire is orange, and the high beam wire is purple. Thesecan be connected to the same wires that the indicator lights would beconnected to. The display system wire colors may not match the wire colorsin your electrical wire harness; consult a service manual to determine thecolor code and location of any

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The setup menus are entered by holding the switch in while turning the key on. The menus are as follows:MenuDescriptionAUTOADJUSTS SETPERFNIGHTT CALUPDATERPMWXARNCOLORVWXARNPSenderPWXARNSET FCHI FCGEARSIGNALINFO-odoMKauto calibrate speedadjust calibrate speedmiles to service settingturn on/off performance displaysturn on/off automatic night dimmingset engine cylinder settingset digital rpm update rateset rpm shift warning pointselect rpm bar graph color, red or greenset low volt warning pointsel

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S SET Miles to Next Service setupThe service mileage is a countdown mile meter. The service mile display can be disabled or can be set to count downfrom 500 – 7500 miles. If the service mileage is enabled and it gets to 0 miles it will display “S -DvE” each time the key isturned on. If the push button switch is pressed and held while “S -dve“ or “S” and a mileage is displayed, the service miles willbe reset to your preset value.•Press and release the switch until “S set” is d

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VWXArn Voltage warning setup••••VPress and release the switch until “WXArn ” is displayed, then press and hold the switch until “ - “ is displayed.Release the switch. The current warning point will be displayed (9.0 – 12.1).Press and release the switch until the desired setting is displayed.Press and hold the switch until “ - ” is displayed to save the setting.Sender P Pressure sender setupThe gauge can use the following Dakota Digital pressure sensors: SEN-1031 (0-150 psi)

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SignaL Tach signal setup••••Press and release the switch until “SignaL” is displayed, then press and hold the switch until “ - “ is displayed.Release the switch. The current setting will be displayed (12 HI or 5 LO).Press and release the switch until the desired setting is displayed.Press and hold the switch until “ - ” is displayed to save the setting.InFO Info menuDisplays the current software revision on the speedometer display. (No changes can be done in this menu)odoMK O

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WIRING COLOR CODE FOR GAUGE:MCL-2002*YELLOW2003 and older HDStock harness colorPINK or YELLOW/BLUE*Functiontachometer signalPINKBLACK/YELLOW“ENGINE” indicator (-)BLACKBLACKground (connect directly to battery negative)WHITE/BLUEconnected to function switchWHITEWHITE/GREENoutput speed signalGRAYWHITEVSS signalPURPLEBROWN/VIOLETsecurity system indicatorWHITE/REDRED+12v constant powerORANGE/WHITEWHITE/BLUE+12 volt with key onconnected to function switchWHITE/BLACKBLACKVSS groundWHITE/PURPLEREDVS

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Troubleshooting guideProblemGauge will not light up.Possible causeRed wire does not have power.Black wire is not getting a good ground.Gauge is damaged.Clock shows “ : “ only.White/red wire does not have power.Clock resets when key is off. White/red wire does not have constant power.Gauge lights up, but speed VSS wire is not connected properly.will only show zero.Speed sensor not grounded properly.PLEASE – SET – SPEEDSpeed reading is erratic orjumps around.Speed reading is incorrect.Gaug

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SERVICE AND REPAIRDAKOTA DIGITAL offers complete service and repair of its product line. In addition, technical consultation is available to help you work through anyquestions or problems you may be having installing one of our products. Please read through the Troubleshooting Guide. There, you will find the solution to mostproblems.Should you ever need to send the unit back for repairs, please call our technical support line, (605) 332-6513, to request a Return Merchandise Authorizationnumber.

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