Dakota Digital HLY-5000X Automobile Parts 의 사용자 설명서

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Dakota Digital HLY-5000X Automobile Parts 의 사용자 설명서

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MODEL HLY-5000XBAR MOUNTSPEEDOMETER/TACHOMETERINFORMATION SYSTEMDakota Digital3421 W. Hovland Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57107Phone: (605) 332-6513 FAX: (605) 339-4106www.dakotadigital.comPlease read this before beginning installation or wiring.POWERConnect the red wire from the main harness to accessory power from the ignition switch.A good quality, solid state ignition switch should be used. The contacts on a mechanical “bar” switchcan bounce due to the vibration and cause the system to momenta

콘텐츠 페이지에 요약. 2 2, ADJUST SPEEDMake sure the key is off so the gauge is not powered.Press and hold the function switch.Turn the key on. With the switch still held, start the bike. The display will show “ -- “.Release the function switch. The display will switch between “AUtO” (auto cal), “AdJ” (adjust), “CYL”(cylinder select), and “SEt” (shift bar).When “AdJ” is displayed press the function switch. This will place the unit in calibration adjustment mode.Release t

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VEIW FROM BACK WITH COVER REMOVEDBLACK WIRESTOWARDS CENTERFUNCTION SWITCHSPEED HARNESSMAIN POWER ANDTACH HARNESSINDICATOR HARNESSNEUTRAL INDICATORThe neutral indicator is activated by a ground connection to the white wire on the 5-wire indicatorharness. This will interface with the stock neutral switch on the transmission.The neutral indicator appears as a pair of vertical bars that flash on the left side of the speed display.The neutral indicator is disabled in trip display, odometer display, a

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WIRINGIn order to ensure that there are no problems with voltage drops causing the system to shut down, aheavy duty, solid state ignition switch is recommended. Also, the black wire should be connected directly to thenegative battery terminal to avoid erratic operation due to a poor ground connection.The wire color code for the 3-wire main display system harness is as follows:RED+12 volt with key onBLACKground (connect directly to battery)GREENtachometer signalThe wire color code for the 5-wire

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